Whatever Forever, the website that contains, whatever i want it to, ha, the names based on the fact that i was bored, and i didnt know what to make it, so i made it whatever forever, it rymed so yeah, the reason its whateverforever 2 is because i did make a diffrent one first on a diffrent make your one website site as whatever forever, witch i soon relized was suckish, then my brother found this. so yep.

Photography and writing, both subjects that i love so much, you can count on me always having the sayings and quotes page, and the photography page up, ill try to add more and more, im trying to make the very expesive invesment to by a nikon d60 but that will take awhile, once however i get that the pictures will be better hopfully.

This website is Obviously mine, of course, but i need your help to, i want to know what you! want on it, i dont want to only put stuff that i want on it, im not the only one going to be on it, and if i was, then it would have been a waste of time making it in the first place, so send blog comments about what i should put up or ideas.